No more zero days

You set a goal- Losing some pounds. Finishing that long paper or finally getting that boring, administrative thing done. You set a deadline - "I AM going to finish this paper in a week." Yet somehow you don't. You do it with much energy for a couple of days and then something comes up - that party,  a "short" nap or that crucial football game. You lose your focus for a day and before you know it, it's the end of the week. You have not met your goal and you feel guilty.

Our behavior is like a super vortex of the things we are used to. Changing habits will not happen in the vortex because your brain/ laziness will resist it. Change will happen when you slowly move away from the vortex and one simple rule will get you there - NO ZERO DAYS.

"A zero day is the day when you don't do a single thing towards your goal."

Its 11.58pm and feel like you didn't do anything? Do that one pushup. Write that sentence. Read one page.

You may say its not much but hey, it's not zero. 1 is much, much better than a zero. Zero is your enemy. Fight it, ruthlessly. 

Changing habits and achieving goals doesn't happen when you are stuck in the super vortex. It happens after a series of non-zero days. Try it. It doesn't take that much effort. When you do that one push-up, you will find the energy and you will do 10 more, maybe even head to the gym. 

You just have to overcome that moment, that one second, of procrastination and lethargy. Viewing Zero as your enemy will help you do just that. Keep it simple. Just remember,


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